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Two key opportunities for communicating messages of positive social change and civic engagement within the media arts are music and video. Everyone can be touched by these mediums in one way or another—television, radio, Internet, live performances—in an enjoyable and non-threatening manner. When it’s safe to listen and express your thoughts, more active participation can be encouraged.

amplifyme provides the opportunity for these messages to be developed and shared through spoken word, music and video productions. Topics for discussion are identified by the amplifyme extended family of volunteers, youth and partner artists in order to develop solution oriented content in a format that is easily accessible by people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds.

video—8th Annual Media That Matters Film Festival Winner

Diana—8th Annual Media That Matters Film Festival Winner, story of two sisters born with HIV and their story of survival growing up together without their mother who passed away due to HIV.

artist—HBO Def Poetry Jam Featuring Ayisha Knight

HBO Def Poetry Jam Featuring Ayisha Knight Ayisha Knight’s biggest challenge is to teach people that they should not assume she cannot do something just because she is Deaf, black, and Jewish. When people look at her and make assumptions about her abilities, she encourages them to meet her, speak with her, get to know her, and then decide if she can or cannot do a specific task. Check her out at