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amplifyme staff, volunteers, Movement Pictures Video Program participants and partners all work together to identify opportunities to deliver messages to drive positive social change through the medium of video.

In 1981, the MTV generation began with a new era of televised music videos which had a profound impact on the music industry and popular culture. The music video was an opportunity to morally influence young people and raise issues related to censorship and social activism which had driven subjects of debate during this time. amplifyme builds on this concept of using the video to present topics of debate and builds upon that idea by offering solutions.

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Dennis—Showcased on MTV, story of Dennis, diagnosed with HIV at 21 and his ability to stay focused on moving forward one day at a time through religion, tradition and leading a healthy life.

If I Had A Minute with the President—30 youth learned how to make a film during an afterschool program. Interviewed kids all over the US to understand what they would ask if they had a minute with the president. This film was shown at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

Stop, and Think Motion Video—Example of the Movement Pictures Video Program video developed by the youth from the summer of 2008.

Who’s Next?: Witness, Perpetrator, Survivor—Boston’s day long Girls in Violence program from the Freedom House Conference. Survivors of violence share their experiences in order to motivate other to survive.

Voices of Youth—Unicef Video Content Finalist. Top 10 finalist in a worldwide video contest held by Unicef.

Wake Up (PSA)—Example of a public service announcement developed through the youth Movement Pictures Video Program and shown on Channel 7 (WHDH)

Until—Ayisha Knight video developed in conjunction with amplifyme.

What is Pop Culture?—Pop Culture and Commercialism influence on youth.

Making The Case—Hip Hop Culture and Commercialism influence on youth.