amplifyme provides in-school workshops that can be delivered at your location as part of an afterschool program or adjunct to your curriculum. The focus of our workshops is to analyze how the media arts are currently messaging to our country’s youth, how might these messages can be cast in a more positive light in order to empower our youth to think about positive change and how they can influence these messages now and in the future.

We have successfully delivered these workshops for 7 years in and around Boston. We have had the opportunity to work with thousands of youth and adults during this time. Programs are delivered via a combination of amplifyme staff and youth volunteers. We work with schools and community organizations to support budget-focused pricing that incorporates their current financial situation in order to allow for the widest reach of the workshops within interested organizations.

The workshops focus on three key areas—Culture, Identity, and Civic Engagement. The importance of the messages delivered through media arts drive how we view ourselves and others and ultimately drive areas of focus for civic engagement. Within the workshops we will address how the media, music, and video can affect our thought processes within these categories.