about us

amplifyme is a nonprofit organization that engages people in positive change through the use of media arts. We use pop culture to inspire people to think differently about their power to create change in their lives and the lives of others through civic engagement. Our vision is of a world where people feel empowered to live their lives in a manner that drives inspiring and empowering messages into mainstream media channels. These messages will shift public consciousness to bring about transformative change.

Media, music, video, and the Web are the vehicles to enable change. The more individuals and organizations that become involved in our movement, the more amplified these combined voices become. It all starts at a personal level—to understand that YOU are important, regardless of where you come from, what you look like, and how unimportant you may actually feel. Positive inspiration through media arts is something we can all work together to achieve.

In support of this vision, we have four strategic imperatives that guide all of our planning, organization and outreach initiatives. As we look to focus our work today and in the future, we ensure alignment with these imperatives so that amplifyme can accomplish the goals set forth in our strategic plan. These imperatives address the following areas:

Signature Programming—Develop unique, world-class programming that impacts individuals, can be replicated in multiple sites, and provides exploratory opportunities for audiences to apply amplifyme’s meta-message. Through our workshop and program series we have the opportunity to involve new volunteers and partners with amplifyme’s message in order reach a wider audience through the media arts and educational programs. Please click here and here to learn more about Programs and Workshops respectively.

Special Programs & Events—Build on our partnership network to support events in order to deliver positive messages into mainstream culture. Events have focused on educational opportunities and entertainment opportunities. A sampling of some key accomplishments can be found below:

  • Empowerment CD
  • Videos recognized by international organizations—Unicef, Media Matters—and publicized in many respected venues—MTV, 2004 Democratic Convention
  • Regional education events—NAMAC

Building Movement & Culture—Continue to grow the members of the amplifyme family in all levels—volunteers, partners, artists, and mentors. Interested in learning more and getting involved? Please contact us.

Organizational Sustainability—Ensure the success and sustainability of the amplifyme family to build upon support by those who contribute with their time with those who can contribute with their resources—Board of Directors, foundations and individual sponsors. To learn more about how you can help, please visit our support us page.